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Oiseau (Colombe) – (Bird (Dove))


Picasso’s father was a painter who specialised in depictions of doves, and so birds held a special significance for the artist. He surrounded himself by the animals at his homes, and become associated with them in the eyes of the public following the publication of his famous poster, featuring a dove, for the Mouvement de la Paix (French Peace Movement) in 1949. In the same year, Picasso named his daughter Paloma after the Spanish word for dove.

Oiseau (Colombe) was created using a lastre, or disc of special ceramic paste. Usually moulded to produce plates and dishes, Picasso instead modelled this lastre into the shape of a dove, managing to capture the essence and spirit of the bird.


Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Oiseau (Colombe) – (Bird (Dove))
January 1953
Remodelled white clay lastre, painted with engobe
Inheritance inventory 56176
Private collection © M. Maurice Aeschimann
© Sucession Picasso 2017

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